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Betlaada Teen Challenge

Ibadan, Nigeria

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GME Agent Raymond Ajagbe
Director, Betlaada Teen Challenge

Raymond Ajagbe is a Nigerian man who lived in Canada in his 20’s. He went to college in Saskatchewan where he was introduced to drugs and became addicted. This led him into selling drugs and he wound up getting in trouble with the law and put in jail. He was acquitted of the charges and then deported back to Nigeria.

Raymond knew of God growing up and was introduced to a relationship with Christ while in prison. When he got back to Nigeria, he felt the Lord leading him to connect with a local church where God spoke to him clearly about his calling to help the addicted find freedom. His ministry started quite simply by going out into the streets of Nigeria and preaching to addicted, homeless men and helping them find a relationship with the Lord. He eventually acquired a house and began using it as both a treatment centre and housing for addicted men. Raymond also became connected with Global Teen Challenge who took interest in his work and the great need to fight addiction in his community.

Raymond has now been trained by Global Teen Challenge and he is the official director of Betlaada Adult & Teen Challenge Nigeria. He administers the 1-year Teen Challenge program for all those that enter his doors, quite similar to the program here in Canada. His students are finding freedom from addictions and are becoming well equipped to minister the gospel. They go out a few times a week and preach in the streets where they encounter the homeless and addicted and pray with them. Many students find out about the program through their street ministry. 

After operating the program out of his house for a few years, Raymond was recently given some land to build a permanent center. Working with a local architect, blueprints were developed to construct a Teen Challenge community. The plans include several buildings such as male and female housing, a training centre, staff housing, a sports centre, and a church building.

In December 2021, GME partnered with Raymond to help raise the funds to complete the building for the male housing facility which can accommodate up to 50 men. Raymond has arranged with the local prisons to be able to accept men and help them. The local prisons house men who have been found innocent of their charges or have served their terms but have nowhere to go. It is better to keep these men in jail than to send them back to a life on the streets.

With a permanent facility, Raymond will be able to take in men who were languishing in prison, help them get back on their feet and disciple them to live for the Lord. We believe God wants to use this facility to help many people find freedom from addictions and new life with the Lord.

You can help us support Raymond and his vision for a permanent Teen Challenge facility.

Become a monthly donor today and watch how God uses this flourishing ministry to impact many lives.

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