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GME Thrift Store Fundraiser

September 23rd 2022

A Letter from GME's President & Managing Director
Rob Johnston

Over this past year Global Missionary Enterprises (GME) has been growing and expanding both locally and internationally, and it became evident that we needed to find some space to expand. We also have a vision to set up a thrift store and coffee shop to generate additional revenue for our work.

As we looked at properties in the Portage la Prairie area, it became evident that the cost of leasing a property would be greater than what we were able to afford. While we concluded that owning a property would be a better solution, it seemed unlikely considering the increase in rates and the amount of money required for a down payment on a commercial property.

Last week however I received a surprising call from a realtor who advised me that one of the property owners wanted to help us purchase his property. He supports non-profit organizations and has offered to finance the purchase of his property at 0% interest! In other words, 100% of every dollar/payment would go towards the principal!

We believe that God has given us favour and that this is an incredible opportunity to impact our community and advance the work of the Kingdom here and around the globe. The owner also has agreed to a minimal down payment of $50,000 for the purchase of the building. Again, this is not normal for acquiring a commercial building; usually 25% to 30% down is required. More details are provided below regarding this amazing space.

This is where we are going to need some help. We need to raise the down payment over the next couple of weeks. We have a short time to position ourselves to take advantage of this opportunity. We also want to raise additional funds to help with the start-up costs of preparing the space and purchasing the furniture and equipment needed to operate a thrift store and coffee shop. We are reaching out to friends and supporters, asking for your help to reach this goal! Provided we can raise the funds, we will take possession in November and open December 1st, 2022, in time for the Christmas season.

I am asking that you would consider making a tax-deductible contribution towards this amazing opportunity. You can respond to this by email or by giving me a call at 204-679-7425. I would be happy to share with you more details about this exciting opportunity to advance Kingdom work on earth. We need your help and generous support to make this dream possible!

There are two ways that you can give:

  1. For amounts under $500 you can do an electronic donation with a credit or debit card using the following link:

  2. For larger amounts we would prefer a cheque or e-transfer. That way we do not have any processing fees subtracted from the donation.

  • e-transfers can be sent to

  • Cheques can be mailed to Global Missionary Enterprises – 48-8th St. NW Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 2M3. If you are mailing a cheque, please let us know so that we can count on this happening before the deadline.

More about the Building:

The building is in Portage la Prairie, MB and is approximately 6,000 square feet. It is modern and in good shape with a few cosmetic upgrades needed before opening. Shelving, display units, equipment, and signage will be needed before we begin operation. Please see the pictures provided below.

More about the opportunity:

We believe that this space will be perfect for accomplishing much of what God has put on our hearts:

  1. Generate revenue for our missions’ work: There is ample floor space to set up a top notch, comprehensive thrift store. There is an existing area that can be used for coffee shop seating. We would look at offering light menu items such as beverages, snacks, soups, and sandwiches. The space comes with some tables, chairs, and equipment. Please see below for information regarding our experience in the service industry and starting/running a coffee shop business.

  2. Offer food services for special events: We will also be able to operate a small kitchen for special events, fundraisers, conferences, and gatherings.

  3. Build relationships with the community: We will have the opportunity to reach a community that services around 50,000 people.

  4. Meeting space for classes and presentations: There is a separate space already set up as a meeting room (see the picture attached).

  5. Office and administrative space: There are some existing spaces for offices; this can be developed further as we expand.

  6. Visibility: by having a public location GME will be able to exhibit our work through displays and pictures. For more information about our work please check out our newly revised web site:

Why a new Thrift Store in Portage?

Portage la Prairie services a population of 50,000 and it has only one major thrift store whereas other communities in southern Manitoba have multiple thrift stores. This is an opportunity to provide the community with an alternative and to support a thrift store that is focused on advancing the Gospel and Kingdom work.

About our experience in business:

Jonita and I have extensive experience starting and running an operation of this nature. Northern Flavours Coffee House was a specialty "Coffee/ Dessert/Lunch bar" that we opened in Thompson, MB in 2004. For eight years we offered services including in store seating, lunch catering for groups as large as 250 people, a gift shop, ice cream and specialty beverages. We served over 400 businesses and organizations and had over 1,000 people in our customer database.

In 2006 Northern Flavours won the “First Year Business” award, and in 2009 Northern Flavours was the recipient of the “Small Business of the Year” award for Northern Manitoba.

Robert Johnston
President & Managing Director
(204) 679-7425

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