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GME Values

Besides the essential doctrines of the Christian Faith, GME holds the following convictions:​

1.      Everything we do comes out of a deep desire to minister to people. We are not a humanitarian organization; we are in the business of impacting people’s lives for the kingdom of God. This will include providing for the needs of others for the advancement of the gospel.

2.      It is our firm conviction that we need the power and presence of the Holy Spirit to accomplish God’s work on earth.

3.      Hospitality plays a vital role in how we accomplish the ministry of GME. We believe that we are called to host what God wants to accomplish in people’s lives.

4.      Effective ministry happens when we minister to one another, and this does not require a special education, title, or position. We believe that every believer is called to serve, and we intentionally encourage lay ministry.

5.      The leader’s role is to equip and facilitate the body of Christ in the work of ministry. As leaders it is our desire to follow Christ’s example in loving and serving one another.

6.      The gospel produces deep and profound change in people’s lives. The fruit of the Spirit and the character of Christ is the true indicator of a life that has been impacted by the gospel.

7.      We believe in the principle of giving generously. We not only receive donations from our supporters, but we also give and support other ministries where needs are identified.

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