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Martin Vazquez

Director: Casa Libertad (Freedom House)
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

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Born in Juarez, Mexico Martin's family moved to the USA as illegal immigrants when he was a little boy.

What was supposed to be the American dream quickly turned into the American nightmare when at around 7 or 8 years old Martin was sexually abused by two men who did not like Mexicans. Martin’s father was also an alcoholic and verbally and physically abused him. "The beatings", said Martin, "were brutal and scarred me for life."

By the time Martin was 10 years old he was well on his way to a life of crime, drugs and prison. His violent lifestyle covered up the shame and anger and expressed the hatred he felt in his life. In his pain, Martin lashed out at the world and it almost cost him his life a few times.

Gangs, drugs and prison led Martin to a life where killing, stealing and destroying became everything.

When Martin was first imprisoned, he discovered a love for reading. He began reading different books and one particular book grabbed his attention. He would read it over and over, doing workbooks and receiving certificates but he could not understand the meaning of the Bible. Over the 15 years Martin spent in prison he read and studied the Bible for eight years, but nothing changed in his life.

Then in 2008, while in a jail cell in El Paso, Texas, Martin had an encounter with Jesus Christ and everything changed in his life. Crying, Martin prayed and asked that the Lord teach him, lead him and give him wisdom, knowledge and understanding. From that time on Martin’s life has never been the same. "I am a new creature, living a new life", reports Martin, "I have been rescued and I have eternal life in Christ Jesus."

Over the past 8 years Martin has dedicated his life to working in rehab centers and reaching out to young and old men that struggle with the same issues that he has overcome through Christ. He now lives in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico and is the Director of Casa Libertard (Freedom House), a young and growing ministry that has been running for 2-1/2 years.

Martin is grateful for all that the Lord has done in his life. His goal now is "to give my all for the One who gave it all for me. Thank you sweet Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour.”

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