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About GME

Our Legacy


Doug & Alice Johnston

GME was founded in 1985 (as Gospel Missionary Enterprises) by Doug & Alice Johnston when they caught a vision for a work that was started on the island of Jamaica, West Indies.

During his life Doug Johnston was a hard working and faithful laborer in work of the Lord. After graduating from North West Bible College (Vanguard) in 1968 he served as pastor for three rural congregations in Alberta and Manitoba before returning to his home town of Portage la Prairie, MB to assist in the construction of a new church building. Over the years Doug loved to help where ever he was needed, usually this involved a building project, serving as a leader in Boys Brigade or teaching Sunday School. In 1980 he courageously began taking his wife and three boys on summer missions trips to the remote areas of Jamaica. During these trips he and his family established a Sunday School, held VBS schools for children and eventually constructed a "Nursing Station" to help care for the physical needs of those in the area. 

Alice Johnston was a woman of God who loved and served people. She defined what it meant to care for others and placed the interest of others above her own. She lovingly gave up her profession as a nurse to care for her three young boys. Later in life she demonstrated the servant attitude of the Lord by washing other's feet and became a Foot Care nurse in Portage la Prairie, MB. She served others sacrificially, giving everything to provide for the needs of others. Alice also possessed a sharp intellect and graduated the top of her class in nursing school at the St. Boniface Hospital. Even until her death she would diligently work on the most difficult cross-word puzzles she could find.

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