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Who We Are

We are a grass roots movement that seeks to network, train and mobilize lay ministers and advance Christ's Kingdom on earth. Our passion is to see the body of Christ prepared to fulfill the great commission mandate and "go into all the earth and make disciples" (Mathew 28.19). Founded in 1985 as a missionary organization in Canada, GME went through a transition in 2018 when Robert & Jonita Johnston took leadership with a new vision and ministry focus.


Our Board and Team

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Robert Johnston

President & Managing Director

I am married to Jonita and a father of two incredible teen aged children. I have a passion to teach the word of God in such away that people are encouraged to grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord. I graduated from Horizon College and seminary in 1990 with a diploma in Theology and I am currently completing an undergraduate degree in Christian Studies.

Over the years I have had the privilege of giving leadership in various ministry roles including youth ministry, Christian Education and small group networking.

Currently I own my own financial services business called Seed Financial Services. God has provided through my work as a financial adviser so that my wife and I are able fully give ourselves to the work of GME on a volunteer basis.

Through all the busyness of life the Lord has established in me the passion that we must go deeper. There is more to life then the distraction of career and temporal (material) things.

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Julie Desjardins

Communications Coordinator

I am a registered nurse working in primary care. My husband Paul, my son and I have been living in northern Manitoba for the past nine years.

I am passionate about encouraging others to live holistic and this could be described as being "dose dependent" - the more you put in, the more you get out. Taking time to care for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual lives enables us to thrive in the life that God has given us. We honor Him when we take care of what He has blessed us with.

As a cancer survivor I also understand that every believer will go through difficult and painful seasons. Scripture tells us that as the body of Christ we are called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to encourage one another and bear each other's burdens. My desire is to encourage others through the gifts God has given me as a writer and speaker, in group settings or one-on-one.

I am excited about the vision and the ministry that God is building through GME as we serve and support others in ministry. Supporting those who are being called by the Holy Spirit to minister and equip the local body of believers in Canada and all over the world.

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Paul Desjardins


Originally from northern Ontario, I have been living with my wife Julie and son in northern Manitoba for the past 9 years.

In the late 1990’s I obeyed the call to become serious about my relationship with the Lord Jesus and being led by the Holy Spirit. The result of this journey has led to times of great growth, change, and trust in the Lord.  The years of testing are important and lay a strong spiritual foundation. It is through the desert seasons where we learn to repeatedly choose to walk by faith and not by sight. I believe strongly that God is always “working in the undertow"; while we cannot always perceive Him, God does work and move in our lives and we can trust that since He is the one who started the good work in us, He will be the one to carry us through and complete it.

I love the opportunity to share my testimony and speak into the lives of those that God brings across my path. I am also happy for the opportunity to serve alongside some dear friends to help realize the vision that God has placed on their hearts with GME.  

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Keith Mennie


I grew up in rural Saskatchewan on the farm. I have been married to my wife Laurie for 41 yrs and counting. We have been blessed with three married children and three beautiful grandchildren. I retired from commercial flying in 2015, having flown in much of the Canadian north including the arctic. During my time as a commercial pilot I also did humanitarian and missionary flying in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and spent two winters in the Republic of Maldives.

Besides flying air planes, I have also been involved with farming over the years. Like most farmers on the Canadian prairies, I would be considered a "Jack of all trades". 

After coming to the Lord at the age of 44, I felt a call to go to Bible college and a few years later I graduated from Horizon Bible college & Seminary with a B.A. in Religious Studies. My wife and I currently lead the marriage ministry at our home church in Saskatoon working with small groups, and mentoring couples. If you are interested in knowing more about our ministry please contact GME using the contact information provided on this web site. You can also check out our "Love & Respect" group at the Neighbourhood Church in Saskatoon by going to this LINK.

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Our Story

A Message from Rob & Jonita Johnston

In February 2005, after several intense months of preparation, Jonita and I opened “Northern Flavours Coffee House”, in down-town Thompson, (northern) MB. Little did we know that this little coffee shop would become the place to go for lunch, desserts, and catering in the area. Word on the street was if you were visiting Thompson you had to check out Northern Flavours and we eventually became the “go to” place for lunch, catering and any important event or meeting in town.

During those years we poured every ounce of our strength into keeping the doors open and serving the wonderful people of Thompson who became our dedicated customers and friends. After the first few years of the struggle of owning a small business with young children and the challenges of staffing and paying the bills, we found ourselves on the brink of burn out. It was during this time that we lost all desire to "do" anything for God and instead we had an intense NEED to "be" with Him and gain strength to keep going. We became convinced that following Jesus was not bout attending a “place” of worship", hearing from a "personality" on a stage or getting involved in a church "program" but about RELATIONSHIPS. First and foremost, with a living Lord, second with those who were devoted to LOVING Him. Looking around we saw a world that was in the same situation, a world that needed what GOD had to offer, not what MAN could substitute through religion.

We began a journey that changed us for the rest of our lives. It began with Jonita and a few women meeting for prayer and bible study at the shop. Then the men decided to start attending and we eventually moved the meeting to our home. Over time what started as a bible study became a close fellowship of hungry followers of Christ. We met at around 5pm on Saturday evenings in our home for a meal and a time of fellowship. Eventually we would head down stairs for a more formal time of bible study and prayer. As we grew more intimate with one another two things began to happen: We began to effectively minister to the needs of each group member, and we began to experience in a deeper way the life changing presence of the living God in our lives. Many of us were going through challenging times and we would pour out our hearts to one other and bring our needs before God. We would pray for one another and carefully exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There were no time constraints in our meetings and sometimes we would be on our faces before God until well into the night, not wanting to leave the wonderful sense of God's presence. On one occasion we even had a spontaneous baptismal service in our hot tub!

Although the group eventually disbanded we knew that we had experienced a unique time of ministry and spiritual growth in our lives. For a time, we left behind the traditional system of church and experienced a transformational journey with GOD. We grew in confidence and understanding that we were free to meet with Him at ANY time, in ANY place, and with ANY believer - Jesus truly was Lord!

Since that time our focus in ministry has never been the same. We have a greater desire for believers to experience deeper fellowship with one another and a deeper life with God. We would trade a Sunday morning service for an opportunity to meet in a setting that would allow for deeper relationship. We have come to believe that the “bigger” things that God desires to do in our lives, usually happen in the "smaller" setting when we take the time to dive under the surface. This is not to say that good things do not happen in the larger meeting as we gather together to worship the Lord and be strengthened by the proclamation of God's word. This is the "icing" on the cake, the real cake comes in the form of the journey that we experience during the week with our family and other believers, living out the things that we have learned in God’s word.