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Kingdom Ministries
Selection Process

Accountable, Responsible, Faithful

Right from the very beginning, the heart of Global Missionary Enterprises has always been to advance the work of the Gospel by supporting existing Ministries with special Kingdom Projects. 

While GME continues to support special projects, it became apparent that these same Ministries were in desperate need of ongoing, monthly support. These incredible Ministries are led by faithful, hard-working leaders who are sacrificing everything while getting little to no financial support. Regardless of how little they and their families have, these leaders are committed to God’s work.

In 2022, GME created a new initiative, “Kingdom Ministries'', to provide monthly financial support to Ministries in need. GME Kingdom Ministry Partners apply to become “GME Agent”. This involves submitting references and committing to ongoing accountability through submission of monthly receipts for monies received.

Currently, all Kingdom Ministry Partners are those whom GME already has an established relationship with; each Ministry is still required to submit to the application process. Over time GME may partner with additional Ministries, if there are donors committed to supporting them monthly. 

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